Gol Gol Public School

Nothing Without Labour

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Our School History

In September 1881, the residents of the small community of Gol Gol applied to the Department of Public Instruction for aid to establish a provisional school in their district. Provisional schools were established in areas where at least 15 children but fewer than 20 (required for public school), could be expected to attend. Parents provided the buildings and furniture, while the Department paid the teacher and supplied the books and equipment.

Gol Gol Provisional School opened on May 2nd, 1882, when Hubert Fizelle (age 23) arrived as the first teacher in charge of twenty two pupils in a temporary building. He had trained in Victoria where he taught for a few months at a small school near Sandhurst (Bendigo). He received the magnificent salary of $75.0.0 ($150) per year and each child was charged 3d (two and a half cents) a week to attend.

Situated on the Eastern bank of the Gol Gol Creek, the first school was built in 1884 from pine horizontal logs with a bark roof and logs for the floor.The residents commissioned John Little Thompson to build the school at a cost of $15.0.0($30), which was paid by the residents.

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