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Maapu - River Cooba

Maapu - River Cooba

Common name: River Cooba 

Paakantyi name: Maapu 

Scientific name: Acacia stenophylla

The tough pods of River Cooba were roasted in the fire, and the seeds picked out to eat (Mitchell 1848). The seeds may also have been ground. Maapu is the Paakantyi name used for Weeping Wattle or Marpoo, as well as for Sandhill Wattle, so this information could also apply to Acacia ligulata.

Description: Tall drooping, straggly tree to 10m high. Leaves 15-40cm or more long, 3-6mm wide, slightly curved, thick, rigid. Flowers pale-yellow, in globular heads 6-9mm in diameter. Pods 10-20cm long, to 10mm wide, leathery, thick. Flowering occurs mainly during summer-early autumn. The pods look like a string of beads.

Habitat: Occurs on heavy clay soils in river red gum communities along river and creek banks and swamp margins. Also found in mitchell grass, black box, bimble box, coolibah and belah communities, usually in close proximity to a river or creek channel.

Distribution: Found throughout New South Wales, along rivers and creeks (permanent or ephemeral) in ribbon-like stands.